Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Art and science

GV Art: Robert Dempshire

Can science inspired art lead to a new culture in the 21st Century

Merging science (stratosphere can relate to cubism)

The body and systems of living and the inert
(Annie Cattrell - the self)

Andrew Carney: disruption of living off another
Pyner; mystery - antmospheree (maths and stars) - violent paroxysms

Art and science 3rd culture - fused yet to be satisfied. However to redefine characteristics.
- Kinetic art: fragmatic art, broadest disciplines of experience of boundaries.

1st debate:
Art of technology is an 'old saw' engineering science is due to art and biological art has an ethical agenda,
3rd culture business is unpredictable, only if education prevails.

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